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Collage Maker Features

Build Collages Effortlessly
Collage Maker is a graphics application that let's you assemble collages quickly and effortlessly.   Take photos from a digital camera and create a beautiful collage in minutes.

Holiday Theme Templates
Collage Templates contain predefined themes, such as holiday themes and special events.   These Templates simplify the process of creating a theme-oriented collage.

The Auto-Collage feature allows you to take up to 100 digital photos and turn them into a collage.   The photos can be tiled in various layouts and effects.

Rubber Stamps
Rubber Stamps are transparent images that can be stamped onto your collage.   Collage Maker now includes more Rubber Stamps to perk up your collages.

Ornate Picture Frames
Collage Maker contains more than 300 Ornate Picture Frames that can be used to spice up your photos.

Print or Email your Collage
Collages can be printed to your color printer or emailed to friends or even used as wallpaper.  

Collage Maker contains a large assortment of masks that can be applied to your photos to create unique edge effects.   Apply drop shadows, halos, rotations, colorize effects, and other effects to your photos.

Holiday Templates
Collage Maker now includes over 80 Templates with various Holiday Themes and other Special Events.    More Templates will be added over time.

Rubber Stamps
We included even more Rubber Stamps in version 3.5.   Rubber Stamps are a quick way to embellish a Collage.   In version 3.5 you may flip, mirror, move and resize Stamps on the Collage.

We simplified the Printing Process in version 3.5.   You will find that printing your collage is very straightforward.

Auto-Collage Feature

Tile Photos
Select up to 100 photos and create a collage using the Auto-Collage feature.   If you are building a collage containing many photos then this is a convenient way to place the photos on the collage.   Various border effects, padding, and tilt effects can be applied as seen in the photo on the right.

Grid Templates
Grid Templates are used to arrange the photos in a pattern (ex. Circle, Staircase, Diamond, etc).   Grid Templates are typically used with a large number of photos.

Collage Maker 3.60 adds new Auto-Collage Method
A new Auto-Collage feature has been added that will "Blend Photo Edges."     See the sample collage on the right.

We added "Auto-Collage Themes" in version 3.70.   Themes make it even easier to build a collage instantly.


See Video Tutorial that explains how you can use the
"Auto-Collage" feature to build collages quickly.

The collage below was built using an Auto-Collage Theme called "Wood Fence."   There are other interesting Themes as well.


This collage was built using the "Blended Edges" Auto-Collage option.    

Collage Maker includes Holiday Templates and other Themes.   All the art on the Templates can be edited, moved or rearranged.


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